Review of the album “Music People” by Emilio Crixell & Border Soul

Review of the album “Music People” by Emilio Crixell & Border Soul

This album struck me as different. It’s a blend of different genres, its jazz influenced relying on a lot of horns and saxophone but it also has trippy beach guitar solos laced throughout ala Santana. Simply put, I dig this album.

Emilio Crixell & Border Soul start off their album “Music People” with the song “A Face In The Crowd”, a point of view we all have at some point. The second the song begins you can tell the albums going to be good because you immediately begin to hear a saxophone blaring. Beyond great instruments throughout the song, Emilio Crixell and the guest artist on the track, Leeann Atherton, trade beautiful lyrics that anyone can relate too.

The title track of the album, Music People, is a summary of life for all music lovers. Like many other songs on the album its jazzy, its trippy, its rock, and its If you like jam bands but you also like good lyrics and singing, this track, no this album, is for you. I say this because it in the titular track, “Music People”, and throughout other songs on the album, the band does not shy away from instrumental solos.

On “Music People”, the guitarist gets a 37 second solo, from 1:07 to 1:44. Not only does this band have the lyrics but it also lets the music and instruments speak for themselves. In fact track 8 on the album, Look Up At The Sky, is a 2 minute and 59 second long track, but I am pretty sure there is maybe 30 seconds of lyrics at most.

If you like Jazz, if you like jam bands, if you like trippy ish, or if you like rock, then you have to check out this under the radar album asap.


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