Review of the album “Music House” by Roddan

Review of the album Music House by Roddan

Roddan starts off the album with the track Cross To Bear, beautiful instruments especially the masterful guitar playing, back up Roddans rustic vocals and the beautiful singing by whoever the female backup vocals are from. This song is the perfect intro for the album and also sounds like the perfect theme song for the next big AMC show based in the desert:)
The bulk of Roddan’s album seems like it is best enjoyed with a glass of whiskey or a beer while you reminisce about your past, the good, the great, and the bad. The lyrics and the vocals are perfect for country music but the instruments have influences steeped in many genres and eras of rock and folk music.
Other standout tracks on the album, in my opinion, include “I Can’t See” and the perfectly titled “Whiskey, Pills, and Pain”. The latter being along the lines of “Whiskey Lullaby” except Roddan’s track is more of an anthem then a sad ballad. “Rain Coming Down” is also ala “Whiskey Lullaby” but is not as sad and is a powerful song that you will find yourself replaying a lot.
Roddan’s guitar playing is matched by his singing prowess and this album “Music House” is a solid standout entry by the performer. I am curious to find out and hear more by Roddan.
Do yourself a favor, if you are a fan or country, adult alternative, or folk, then check out the album which is embedded above.


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