http://www.nicherevenuestreams.com is a website that I created for multiple reasons.

  • I am frustrated with the lack of information that is available on certain specific niche business opportunities.
  • I want to help business owners/entrepreneurs answer the questions they seek and maybe they didn’t know they have.
  • I want to help spread some of the interesting information and niche business opportunities there are out there in this world. There has been so many times that I have come across a niche business opportunity or niche audience that would help someone that I have no use for since I want to focus on other things.

What makes you an authority? I don’t claim to be one. But I do have experience and references and I know what I am talking about at least half the time;)

So your not an authority, why should I trust what you preach? Take the majority of what you read on the internet with a grain of salt but my articles will include references at the end of each one.

The way I come across this valuable knowledge is because for the last year I have been making a living doing freelance work for more then 100+ clients (Completed 171 orders so far). My specialties include;

  • content creation
  • marketing and promotion
  • consulting
  • demographic and market research
  • business plans
  • strategy plans and implementation
  • artist development

Also I have a unique background:

My entire life I have been interested in all things business/entrepreneur. I was started reading the business section of the newspaper in second grade, in third grade I was reading how to books on financing films and creating record labels, even before I had an interest in film or music. Before the age of 18 I had literally taken hundreds of business magazines from my doctors and dentists offices.

This thirst for knowledge grew in college and continues into my mid 20’s. Some of my real life experience includes selling candy and making tens of thousands from 9-15, owning a concession stand at a playhouse, developing a kitchen for a concert venue, 4 years of working for nightclubs / concert venues / booking agent/ music, food, and film festivals, doing artist management and development, and even being a production assistant on a national cable show for two seasons.

My Links: If you need help with your business in anyway, this is what I am here for. I have yet to find an entrepreneur or a company that I couldn’t successfully help. Look at my reviews on Fiverr and you will see that I go above and beyond for my clients. The links below are to two of my Fiverr gigs;



If you have a certain budget and requirements, etc. Please contact me first before you purchase a gig, I want to learn and help businesses/entrepreneurs to grow so don’t hesitate to contact me on Fiverr, in the comments on this site, or at my email abrabinent@gmail.com